EL KHAN I - Hanging Custom Knife

EL KHAN I - Hanging Custom Knife


This is our proprietary custom designed hanging knife with a flare of the Moghuls from South Asia merged with the Canadian backwoods. The blade is made of O1 high carbon steel and finished glossy. This knife's handle and sheath are made with red hardwood, and coated with beeswax for waterproofing, blended together with a brass bolster. Two leather straps - one for hanging from the neck and the other to attach to the wrist with brass wire reinforcements complete the piece. The knife and it's sheath is held in place by a concealed permanent magnet that secures it in place when hanging. This custom knife comes in a presentation box that looks like a book, and it is lined inside with black velvet. 

Total length: 8.25" (21 cm)
Blade length: 3.50" (9 cm)
Handle length: 4.00" (10 cm) 


Various finishes available.

Tactical knife made to order.

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