At FORGE Bilal we specialize in producing unique, handmade custom swords, daggers, and knives. We design all the products you see listed in this web site.

Some of our blades are made in a limited series of maximum 7 pieces. Other blades have no production limit. We note this in each product profile.

It is important to note that we manufacture the blades from scratch. These are NOT stock removal blades mass manufactured in a factory in China, where the blade smith just slaps on the handle scales and puts it up for sale. Each sword, dagger, custom knife, and corresponding scabbards or sheaths are uniquely designed and handmade.


The process is simple:

1-  You can either pick one of our designs or send us your design. Design fees apply if we design for you and you want to keep ownership of your design. No fee is applicable if we design for you and the piece can be reproduced for sale to third parties. A sketch will be provided.

2- Pick the finishing you want in your sword, dagger, or custom knife.

3- If you like the product as it is shown in the web site just add it to the cart. If you other finishing we will quote your work, including materials, finished specifications, as well as a timeline for delivery. 

Prices range:

Swords                           CAD$ 1,500 to CAD$ 7,000

Sword Scabbards           CAD$ 1,500 to CAD$ 2,500

Daggers & Sheath          CAD$ 900 to CAD$ 1,900

Custom Knives             CAD$ 300 to CAD$ 1,500

All prices subject to 13% HST for Canadian customers. Non Canadian clients do not pay sales tax. Shipping charges are extra.

4- The acceptance of the design and quote by the customer.

5- 50% Deposit.  

6- 50% balance payment before delivery.

7- Shipping. Once we know the final weight and dimension of the blade we will obtain a quote from Fedex, Canada Post, and DHL. You can select the shipper. Payment for shipping charges are due before shipping out along with the balance payment.

8- Product is shipped to customer.

9- God Willing, you will be fully satisfied with our product!


FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE / RETURNS: If you are not happy with the end product we will take the blade back and give you a 100% refund on the quoted sword, dagger, or custom knife. Shipping is excluded.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE: What does it mean? As long and I am alive and/or working in this business, if there is any manufacturing problems I will fix the blade at no charge, or if not fixable, I will replace the blade with a new blade. Of course it does not include issues that are caused by incorrect use of the blade - such as prying open a cargo container door with a knife, cutting a 1" bolt with a sword, etc., etc. In other words the blade must be used for what it was designed for. I reserve the right to determine if the blade was used correctly or not.

TIME LINE: Custom blades are made by hand from beginning to end and take time. For example a double dagger can take up to 40 hours of work to complete including the blade, guard, finishing and polishing, sheath, and leather carrying case. We produce pieces of art and we do not rush the process as it requires creative thought. The larger the piece the more time it requires for us to deliver a finished product. Lead time is two months for a knife, and can go up to 12 months for a sword. I will tell you more or less what will be the ETA for your order.

INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS: Note that each purchaser is solely responsible for investigating whether their country allows the import of custom knives, daggers or swords. FORGE Bilal shall not be responsible/liable for any losses due to laws in your home country.

SAFETY & DISCLAIMER: Swords, daggers, and custom knives are NOT toys. Children should not be allowed to handle them. Adults should obtain proper training before using them. Keep them safely stored under lock or displayed in a glass cabinet that is locked. By placing an order with FORGE Bilal you agree that you take full responsibility for the way the sword, dagger, or knife is used.

Contact me for any questions.